Starting A New Job

You landed a brand spanking new job and now you need to start thinking about the impact you will have in your new role. It can be nerve racking walking into a new building, a new job, new colleagues and new line managers so it’s really important that you do everything you can to make yourself feel welcome from day 1 to try and eliminate anxiety and possible speed bumps from the get go. Here’s the lo-down on everything you need to do to make sure you get off to the perfect start.

One Month To Go

With a month to go you have likely just been offered your new role and you are about to set a start date and hand in your letter of resignation. It is at this stage you need to start thinking about anything that will make the biggest difference to if you accept the job or not, think carefully about if the pay, travel to and from work, training and holidays etc are right for you when you check through your contract of employment and then hand in  your resignation. Most employers have an onboarding plan, this usually includes paperwork for things like health and safety, extra background info, payroll requirements, training and holiday entitlements and so forth, now would be a good time to find out what kind of documents you will need to get together to supply your new employer with. Also grab important key personal contact details now in case you need to get in touch over the coming month.

One Week To Go

Recruiters always want to find the best employees to fit in with their team so it is important that you show them that they have made the right choice. An important way of showing this in a summary is how you first package yourself, this includes things like how you dress and how you carry yourself, because the way you appear will in seconds suggest the kind of traits you will bring to the workplace. So, with one week to go it’s important that you pick out an appropriate first day outfit, ensure it all fits and acquire any additions you might need. Ideally you want to pick something that fits in with the style of workplace, is comfortable and has layers (you don’t know what kind of temperature your workplace will have and there is nothing worse than being anxious, nervous AND uncomfortable), is understated but still shows a little bit of character.

It’s also at this stage that you will need to think about how you are getting to work and your timings. Being late is a huge no, no especially on your first day. You want to look as though you organised and efficient so arriving late and flustered just won’t do. Do a travel plan now and ensure you leave time for any last minute hick ups or emergencies, a little extra time once you are there will give you time to relax and make sure you look like you are raring to go when you arrive.

It’s a good idea to get a feel of the company and do a bit of research on your new colleagues so use the company website, linked in etc to get an idea of your team and the company’s overall ethos so that it gives you a head start on how you will approach people and help you remember all those new names! In smaller companies can provide more of a challenge as they may not have as much staff information online as some larger companies but most will have at least a basic outline of their visions and values.

An added nicety would be to drop your new employer a quick but professional email to let them know that you are looking forward to starting your new role with them and to ask if there is anything they would like you to be prepared for on your first day, i.e any meetings, travel to other office locations etc.

One Day To Go

This is the day to make sure you will be cool and collected tomorrow so it is really all about getting everything you have already done together. Get your travel route and check there have been no major disruptions, get your outfit and accessories hung up and ready to slip straight into in the morning, make sure you have any documents or requested info from the employer ready to take with you and then just clear your head. Take a little bit of ‘me time’ and get yourself comfortable for an early night before setting your alarm and preparing to awaken feeling extra organised and ready for the day ahead.

On The Day!

Take note of the tips in this video clip about being on time, having good posture and listening skills to make sure you make a really positive first impression on those you meet on your first day.

In addition don’t forget to follow instructions closely, take the initiative where appropriate and get to know your knew colleagues at appropriate intervals such as lunches or coffee breaks, getting friendly in the initial days will help people to warm to you and they’ll probably feel more inclined to help you out if you ever need to call on them.

Follow these tips and you will be sure to make the best impression to your new colleagues and employer as well as giving yourself the best shot at success in your new role.