Dream Jobs

It’s extremely common for people to want a new job, in fact, studies show that in the UK one in five of us are ready to move on. It is however worth carefully considering why you want to move jobs and if the prospective new jobs out there are going to be more fulfilling than your current one. Recently there’s also been some noise about an amazing application from a ten year old who applied for the Professor of Lego at Cambridge University role, which was extremely inspiring! With this in mind I thought I’s take a look at some of the roles I would find most fulfilling and some tips on ways to land your dream job. There are some real unique roles out there including things like; waterslide tester, professional snuggler and even a professional sleeper! But for this one I thought I’d limit it to some more likely options (and I’ll apologise now that because of my love of food a fair few of these are orientated towards my tastebuds!).

  1. Tea Taster

Most of us have heard of whiskey and wine tasting as a job role, but I’ve never had a soft spot for whiskey or wine, so when I heard there was a similar role for tea I could hardly contain myself. It’s a real art and gives you the chance to travel the world sipping teas of all kinds. For this one, you’d need to make sure your taste buds were up to scratch, be up for 5 years of training and as it is a scare role, you’ll need a good CV that really makes you stand out from the crowd.

  1. Ice Cream Taster

Another one that makes my mouth water at the thought of, and if you were working for a US company, you could rake in between $40,000 and $100,000 for this one! It’s quite a rare opportunity so you would need to look into educating yourself in food science and you’d absolutely need to do your research prior to meeting with the company as you’ll need to be on top for to nail the interview and get ahead of the competition.

  1. Food Stylist

All those beautifully delicious looking dishes you see in film, TV and books don’t come from nowhere. Quite right some great chefs usually make the dishes up, but did you know that even the food we see in our media gets a facelift? This one would be great for me as I love making things look amazing and being creative. For this one, consider bumping up your current qualifications and skills set by looking into some courses in photography and cookery school to give you an idea of what you will be working with and to give yourself a well-rounded CV.

  1. Photographer

I’d absolutely love to be a photographer, I love the idea of creating beautiful artistic photos that people can enjoy for years to come. I genuinely think I’d love most kinds of photographer but especially combining it with one of my other passions such as travel or food. Even better, as a photographer I’d be more likely to be able to set out working for a great boss…me! As a freelancer I’d get the opportunity to work with a multitude of clients in a multitude of locations which would hopefully lead to a job in which there was never a dull moment. Jean Cazals, London Food Photographer, gives us some insider info in this clip…

  1. Actor, Stand In or Stunt Person

Ok so this one is pretty vast and nothing like any of my other jobs but I just love the idea of being part of the arts. I don’t care if its body doubling, working as an extra, being a stunt person or, thinking extremely positively, really making it as a big actor! I’d just find it so interesting meeting and collaborating with so many different types of people who are all working to achieve an amazing piece of art that will live on into the future.