Don’t Sell Up, Smarten Up Instead

There are loads of reasons we decide to up and move house, but unless the reason is down to location, should this always be out first port of call? Living in a ‘disposable world’ means we have got used to throwing rather than fixing, the trend of up cycling has made a real difference in this areas meaning we are beginning to learn how to make the best of what we have again. So rather than upping sticks and investing a lot of time, money and resources into selling, finding and acquiring a new property, might we be best investing a fraction of the time and money into making the best of our homes? Here’s a few of the top reasons we decide to move from a happy family home and a few bright and cheery tips for improving your home that might inspire an ‘up cycle’ over ‘up and go’ attitude towards it.

1: Need More Space

Desperate for an extra bedroom, office, store room or even gym space? Moving to a bigger property might seem like the only way to get the extra space you need in your home. But don’t be too hasty, if you love your home and are happy with where you live, there may be alternatives that give you exactly what you need. Lots ideas will create extra space in your house without planning permission so start looking at your home for possible expansions, you could consider: loft conversions, renovating spare garages or outhouses, adding a conservatory, building a garden room, converting basements or even adding single storey extensions in some cases.

2: Upgrading

Perhaps you want to move because you feel you have outgrown the style in your current property and want to add some luxury to your daily lifestyle. Finding a brand new property that has the style you want is a tempting option, but it’s really unusual to find a property that doesn’t need a bit of work to make it your own. So instead of jumping ship, take stock of your current properties attributes and see if you can add that pinch of luxury and your new sense of style to the home you already have so many memories in. Great features that can have a huge impact with less effort than a full move and renovation are things like well-crafted staircases, feature fireplaces, new windows and doors or even renovating a little and making open plan areas such as kitchen diners.

3: Running Costs

When you live in an older house, the running costs can become excessive and literally run you out of your home so it can be tempting to cut your losses and move. But, old houses can really benefit from some TLC and often by renovating the property and putting cash in to an effective renovation you can make a much more economic property with stunning traditional features you are unlikely to get at the same price elsewhere. To get your old property up to scratch you’ll need to consider things like the best insulation, window fittings, roofing, cellar spaces and any other areas that effect your energy usage. As well as this take a look at the most costly repairs required in your home and see if you can make a good situation out of a bad one, for example, if you are constantly having to make small repairs to old water piping in the kitchen, it may be just as effective in the long term to do a full kitchen renovation and get to the route of the issues whilst taking the opportunity to add that bit of luxury you were hoping for in a new property. It’s really hard to find a property with beautiful original features, so if your property has beautiful fireplaces, flooring, lighting etc then it’s worth giving them a bit of a facelift so they work for you in the right way.